Breaking the News: How to Tell Your Child You’re Getting a Divorce

One of the hardest parts of getting a divorce is breaking the news to friends and family. It is hard to let down the people who were rooting for you, and who truly believed that you and your spouse would make it as a couple. For many couples, no one had more faith in their love than the child they brought into the world together. Breaking the news of a divorce to your child is one of the most challenging, Read More

Three Tips for Moving on with Life After Divorce

After a divorce, your whole world opens up. You have new freedoms and opportunities to thrive in a fresh chapter of your life. But for many recently divorced people, moving on can be difficult. Many struggle to turn away from all the drama and sadness of the past to face all the open doors of the future. It makes perfect sense -- you’ve been concentrating on your flawed marriage for a very long time, from trying to Read More

How Mental Health Professionals Assist in the Collaborative Divorce Process

As an experienced business professional, you’ll notice similarities between collaborative divorce and major company transactions like sales, mergers, and acquisitions. You and your counsel meet with the other side (in this case, your spouse) and their counsel, surrounded by professionals whose knowledge and expertise can guide you toward a successful conclusion. Collaborative divorce lets you and your spouse Read More

Divorce Delegation for the Busy Professional

As a successful business professional, you know the importance of delegation. No leader achieves their goals alone: by strategically delegating tasks and even authority, you could focus on mission-critical responsibilities such as performance management and relationship development. Now you’re preparing for divorce, and your approach to this personal transition should mirror what you’ve done in the past, which is to Read More

How to Be Intentional and Strategic with Your Legal Plan

When you’re a successful business owner or an executive at a thriving corporation, your divorce will be more complex than the average separation. While a typical marital estate includes a home, a motor vehicle or two, a modest savings account, and possibly an employer-sponsored pension plan, you need to be concerned about high-value real estate portfolios, closely-held businesses, stock incentive plans, and other Read More

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney Who Understands Your Working Schedule

It’s 6:00 a.m., but you’re already thinking about work. As CEO of a project management software company in Nashville, you’re always on the clock. Each weekday is packed with meetings, conference calls, and matters that are urgently demanding your attention. Now you’re getting divorced, and there’s one more person who will need your attention and time - your divorce attorney. You haven’t decided on a firm yet, but Read More

Considering Divorce? Take These 4 Steps to Plan Financially

Neither of you has filed for divorce yet, but the writing is on the wall. You’re not happy, she’s not happy, and a marriage that started out as a loving partnership has been deteriorating for a while. It’s just a matter of time: if a process server showed up at your corner office with a summons and petition for divorce, you’d be embarrassed, but not surprised. When you know that divorce is inevitable, you have to Read More

How to Minimize the Impact of a Divorce on Your Business

Few things are more rewarding than taking a unique idea and turning it into a thriving business. When that business, whether it be a sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, or LLC, becomes successful enough to support your family and keep a workforce employed, the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable. For business owners, their enterprise is so intertwined with their sense of identity that divorce Read More

5 Tips for Managing Divorce Stress

Have you ever heard of the Mary Tyler Moore Show? It’s been off the air for decades, but if you’ve ever caught a rerun, there’s one scene you won’t forget. Each episode begins with stressed but spunky Mary Richards dashing madly about. She moved to Minneapolis after breaking up with a boyfriend and took a job as an evening news associate producer. It’s a huge change with many obstacles, but Mary’s a strong Read More

Considering Adoption? Ask Yourself These Questions First

There’s a quote we absolutely love: “Parenthood requires love, not DNA.” Another great one is “Adoption is another word for love.” There are a ton of inspirational quotes on the subject, but they all convey the same truth. Adoption is a meaningful and joyous experience during which you welcome a child into your family. Every year, an estimated 135,000 kids are adopted in the U.S., giving them loving and stable Read More