Guiding You to a Better Future

The decision to divorce is one of the hardest a person can make in their life. Divorce takes an emotional toll that can leave you feeling lost and afraid. The sense of security that may have come with the marriage can make it difficult to end even an unhappy marriage. If your spouse betrayed or left you, the confusion and loss of control can make you feel worse. Likewise, if you’re the one who decided to leave or who has done something hurtful, the sense of guilt and shame can add a layer of fear about the implications of your actions. Please don’t worry. Divorce takes a tremendous amount of courage. Intentionally moving your life into an unknown future requires faith that you’re making the best decision at each step and bravery to keep moving forward once you’ve made that decision.

We know because we’ve been where you are. And we’re here to help.

We Are Your Guide

Piper McCracken, PLLC is a firm of experienced litigators and compassionate advocates, trained in trial as well as advanced collaborative techniques. As your legal counsel, we will help you bring into focus your personal priorities and goals for the future. We know that different people have different needs and wants. We will create a plan of action based on what’s important to you:

  • Legal. The divorce process addresses the division of marital assets and debts, including all real and personal property, the need for temporary or permanent spousal support, the implementation of a workable parenting plan that details the time each parent will spend with the children, how certain parental decisions will be addressed, and provide for appropriate child support. We will help you understand your rights and obligations with these and other legal aspects of your divorce.
  • Financial. Making the right financial decisions during your divorce will give you the resources you need to dive into the future. We work with real estate brokers, mortgage lenders, financial planners and other professionals who can assist you during or after your divorce to ensure your financial future is protected. We will endeavor to alleviate your burden by providing you with helpful connections at each stage of the process.
  • Emotional. We encourage all our clients to meet with a mental health professional. Divorce is hard and it’s essential that your emotional wellbeing is protected. A mental health professional can help us, as a team, reach a resolution that is in the best interest of your family and you. We work with a network of excellent therapeutic professionals with whom we can connect you, or we will work with your chosen professional.

Ultimately, our goal is to be your support, your team, your counsel—in every sense of the word—as we walk through this life transition with you. To set up a consultation, please call (615) 669-2884 or complete our contact form. We’re here when you need us!