Family Law

Creating Caring Solutions for Your Family’s Future

At Piper McCracken, PLLC, we know that your family law matter deserves a customized approach. After listening to, and ensuring we understand, your story, we will create an action plan that embodies your personal goals and priorities, and accounts for the nuances and characteristics of other people involved.

Whether you need help with a prenuptial agreement that starts your marriage on an open and cooperative note, or a new parenting plan that lets your child enjoy the love and attention of both parents, we will focus our minds and talents on meeting your goals.

Child Custody

When you have children, decisions regarding their custody, wellbeing, and futures can be extremely emotional, even when your separation from the other parent is amicable. The Tennessee child custody attorneys at Piper McCracken, PLLC understand how important it is for children to have a stable and loving relationship with both parents whenever possible. We will help you understand your options and obligations with regard to co-parenting after your separation or divorce.

Your children’s best interests are our top priority. Whether you need to negotiate a new custody agreement, request or defend a modification to a current agreement, or address a situation where the other parenting is failing to comply with a Court-ordered parenting plan, we will educate you on, and protect, your parental rights and ensure your children’s best interests are top priority.

Parenting Plans

When parents separate or divorce, a formal parenting plan is needed to outline your respective rights and responsibilities with regard to the care, custody, and decision-making for your children. Your former spouse/partner and you can work together to create a parenting plan or, if you cannot agree, the Court will structure a plan it believes to be in the best interest of your children.

At some point, the parenting plan may have to be changed, a process known as a modification. There are various reasons why a modification may be necessary. Perhaps a child changes schools, or develops special needs, maybe a parent needs to move further away for a job opportunity or has a change in work hours. For the court to consider your petition, there must have been a material change in circumstances that you could not have foreseen at the time the original parenting plan was crafted. If the change is in the best interest of the children, the court may approve the request. However, seeking a modification can be challenging and takes time; therefore, knowledgeable and effective counsel is essential.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements, also called “prenups” or antenuptial agreements, are contracts made between the parties before they get married. Although the terms commonly outline what each spouse will receive if one predeceases the other or the marriage ends in divorce, prenups can include virtually anything the couple deems important enough to agree upon in advance.

Some people think that signing a prenuptial agreement is setting a marriage up to fail or signifies a lack of trust between the parties. In reality, however, a prenuptial agreement is a way to enter your marriage with all your assets organized, disclosed, and with a clear understanding of what each party is bringing into the marriage. Such agreements are becoming increasingly common, especially among those who have been married before (or are marrying later in life) and have considerable assets, business interests, or children for whom they want to provide.

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce is a client-driven procedure that enables a divorcing couple to formally agree to avoid litigation in favor of negotiating a mutually beneficial divorce settlement agreement through a structured and respectful problem-solving process.

A collaborative team typically consists of the following:

  • A collaboratively-trained attorney for each party to guide and advise on the legal aspects of the divorce;
  • A neutral financial professional to assist the parties in gathering and understanding their financial data; and
  • A mental health professional to help the parties work through the emotional elements of the divorce and stay on course to reach a resolution.

The team schedules a series of meetings creating a roadmap to work through each of the identified issues, culminating in the parties reaching a final divorce settlement agreement. By choosing the collaborative route, your spouse and you can avoid the uncertainty of going to Court and retain control over the outcome.

The trained collaborative divorce attorneys at Piper McCracken, PLLC can help you evaluate whether your circumstances might benefit from the collaborative approach.

Family law is both personal and emotional, so it is critical that you have a compassionate legal team that will help you make decisions with your head rather than your heart. Move into the next phase of your life with clarity, confidence, and peace. To reach us, please call (615) 669-2884 or complete our contact form. Let us help you shape your future.