Our Philosophy

Why and How

Our firm began as a belief that things could be done better—in both the practice of law and in the working lives of lawyers. Founding partners, Heather Piper and Joanna McCracken, met while working as attorneys at a large, regional firm. They honed their skills as litigators on a broad range of cases from medical malpractice and product liability, to real estate and entertainment law. But it was their mutual desire to help people on a more personal level that inspired them to begin a family law practice.

Through their litigation work, Heather and Joanna found that professionals dealing with work-related legal issues often experienced contemporaneous difficulties in their home lives, and vice versa. Heather and Joanna formed Piper McCracken, PLLC specifically to serve the personal legal needs of professionals, drawing on their experience, their understanding of the relationship between work and family life, and the inevitable impact of each on the other.

We’ve Been There!

Heather and Joanna feel it important to share that, between them, they have experienced firsthand the pain of divorce, the tribulations of becoming a working single parent, the patience and understanding required to become a step parent, the ongoing learning that comes with navigating one’s way to a new normal, and restructuring the future you had once imagined. We truly believe you will experience the benefit of working with people whose understanding of your situation goes beyond the intellectual legal procedures and encompasses the emotional, mental, and financial consequences. You’ll receive the compassion you deserve with the legal aptitude you need.

We Will Work With You, Not Just For You

We approach each attorney-client relationship like a partnership. We respect our clients’ intimate knowledge of the parties and the situation. We know a “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work for every person and every case. We work with our clients to determine their personal goals, their priorities, and their fears. We put together different options and explain the implications of proceeding under each. That may be by-the-book litigation; it may be a collaborative approach with the opposing party.; or, it may be a cooperative hybrid option, maintaining the protections provided by the Court system while the parties work together through each of the legal, financial, and emotional parts of the process. We help our clients determine which path is best for their unique situation and remain flexible to change as the circumstances warrant.

Our Wellbeing Impacts Yours

In the same way we take care of our clients, we take care of our attorneys and staff. Attorneys and their support staff cannot possibly provide the best care for their clients if they cannot take care of themselves. Having experienced the high-pressured demands of a corporate work life and the challenging impact on home life, Heather and Joanna set out to create a working life for their attorneys and staff that would support, not detract from, their personal lives. The benefit to our clients of having a well-rested, well-rounded, and happy team working to achieve their goals cannot be understated.

We Would Love To Meet You

To set up a consultation, please call (615) 669-2884 or complete our contact form. We look forward to meeting you.