Wills & Estate Planning

Protecting Your Legacy

It doesn’t matter whether you are a young professional still making your mark in your chosen field, an industry leader with a string of awards and accolades to your credit, or a dedicated stay-at-home parent or spouse, everyone should have a will and estate plan.

The team at Piper McCracken, PLLC can help draft your will so that you are in control of what happens to your estate and can make the right guardianship arrangements for any minor children. You may also want to retain control over any future health care decisions by empowering someone you trust or specifying your wishes in a health care directive. Estate planning documents can help your loved ones avoid the difficult process of navigating your affairs in the absence of any express instructions.

Whether you are recently divorced and need to revise your will to reflect new beneficiaries and changed assets, are recently married and want to make sure your new spouse is provided for, or just wanting to update your current will or draft your first, it is always a good time to come see us.

Make sure you are the one to make the decisions that affect your life, your property, and the people you care about. To set up a consultation with our Tennessee estate planning team, please call (615) 669-2884 or complete our contact form. We’re here when you need us!